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  • Strawberry Quartz: Properties, Meaning & History

    Splashes of sweet and sour strawberries, cherry red and tinges of green. Peaking through the crystal hinting at the metamorphosis that birthed it....
  • Garnet Stone Meaning, Properties & History

    Rich reds and deep purples, splashes of red wine and crushed grapes. Garnet represents primordial fire, bringing chaos out of love, purifying and intensifying passion and allowing you to transform stagnant feelings into the physical realm.

  • Moonstone Properties, Meaning & History

    Moonlight billowing through the clouds, illuminating the fog with magic. Moonstone will help you nourish and awaken feminine engergies, bringing passion and healing to guide you. As old as the moon itself, Moonstone will calm you and protect you, while bringing out the love it will help you accept.