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We would love to hear from you, please fill out the below contact form and we would be happy to assist. Alternatively, we can be reached by email at or Insta DM @earthheartjewellery 


How do I work out my ring size?

Most jewellery shops will be able to tell you if there is one nearby, otherwise in a pinch head over to our sizing tab for a way you can work this one out at home or by purchasing an At Home Ring Sizer.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! This is one of my favourite things to do! Head over to my Custom Orders tab to read all about the process and send an enquiry so we can discuss the details. 

What kind of packaging do you use?

All of our pieces come in a linen trinket bag inside a wax sealed box, they are sprinkled with crystals and flower petals and then delicately wrapped using cardboard and paper and into the post. 100% plastic free. We also have vegan friendly velvet ring and pendant boxes available to order.

Are there any care instructions for my piece?

Like all fine jewellery all of our pieces can be misshaped or damaged if bumped or knocked, so please be gentle with us. We recommend that you take your piece off before bathing to help preserve the polish and avoid tarnish.

Silver and gold can be tarnished by common household chemicals found in cleaning products and perfumes (and hand sanitizer!). If tarnish does appear we recommend a silver polishing cloth be gently used. All our pieces are solid metal so the finish won't wear off, but polish does still dull over time.

Gold is a soft metal and therefore particular care should be taken to avoid bumps and other knocks as it can scratch. All pronged jewellery should be inspected once a year by a jeweller as prongs can wear down overtime and can risk the stone becoming loose.

Every gem has different requirements in regards to what can damage it, gems like diamonds cannot be damaged by water, but Ethiopian Opal can be. If you would like to know care details for a particular gemstone you are purchasing please get in touch, otherwise I recommend googling the gems you wear to learn a bit about their care. 

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