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Sustainability, Ethics and Values

At Earth & Heart we craft jewellery with a passion for both beauty and environmental responsibility. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond the ordinary. Discover how we stand out:  

My Sustainability Values

  • Ethical Sourcing: Wherever possible I source gemstones mined and cut within Australia as we have some of the best practices and traceability in the world. For stones that can’t be sourced locally, I partner with responsible gem merchants and miners committed to ethical practices. I also offer a range of lab grown gems, for those customers who prefer to skip the mining all together. 

  • Sustainable Materials: I make our jewellery using only recycled solid gold and silver. No plating, coating, filling or anything else. Just solid, recycled precious metal, to be loved and reused for generations to come.

  • Minimal Waste: All of my metal scrap is kept (right down to the dust), to be melted and reused over and over and over. Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs to minimise unsold ‘stock’ and our designs are marketed to encourage purchases to be treasured and eventually recycled, not to follow fleeting trends.

  • Considered Packaging:  I consciously designed our packaging to be 100% plastic free. Sidestepping the industry standard of polyester ring boxes, all of my pieces come in a linen trinket bag inside a wax sealed cardboard box, they are sprinkled with protective crystals and organic flower petals before being sent to you (carbon offset of course). 

  • Giving Back: I donate monthly to ‘Pay the Rent’ in acknowledgment that I live, work and play on First Nations' country and sovereignty has never been ceded and to ‘One Tree Planted’ who are targeting reforestation in Australia. 

  • Veganism: I like to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Beyond the confines of my jewellery crafting practices, Veganism encompasses a commitment to reducing harm to the planet by abstaining from animal products, which tend to have a significant ecological footprint. The leather industry, for instance, is notorious for causing deforestation and contributing to climate change. By advocating for a vegan lifestyle, I am not only promoting animal welfare but aiming to combat these pressing environmental issues. My studio proudly reflects these values, using no leather tools, and abstaining from materials like pearls. This dedication resonates with my commitment to crafting jewellery that isn’t simply beautiful, but that also aligns with my vision of a sustainable future for all.

I invite you to join me in my commitment to a greener tomorrow. When you choose Earth & Heart, you can be confident that you're supporting a sustainable Australian business.

Lots of Love, 



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