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Bespoke + Custom Jewellery

After something a little different?

Commission a Bespoke piece!

We adore working with you to bring your ideas to life in the form of bespoke jewellery. We are honoured to offer a fully custom jewellery design service, where you can choose each individual element of the piece. 

You will work closely with founder and jeweller, Georgia to decide on metal, setting, gemstone and finish options, before your piece is handcrafted in house and shipped to your door. 

We have a huge rainbow of natural gemstones in stock, and what we don’t have we can usually source. We work with only vegan products (no pearls, sorry, but ask us about synthetic stones, we have some amazing vegan pearls). Beyond that, the only limit is your imagination!  

How it Works

The process generally goes like this

- You get in touch with your idea. We generally suggest having the following information ready as it will streamline the process (but I’m here to answer any questions if you don’t know all the technical terms)

* What kind of jewel is it?
Pendant, Ring, Bracelet, Broach, Earrings etc

* What kind of metal will it be made from?

Recycled Silver / 9ct or 18ct Gold

* What kind of gemstone will it feature?
Garnet, Sunstone, Sapphire etc (its totally fine if you don’t know, “Red” or “Blue” is enough)

* What style would you like it made in?
Reference photos from our existing pieces can be the best way to communicate the elements you want if you have a hard time putting the idea into words.

* What is your budget?
Custom pieces start at $500 to allow for the additional time spent on perfecting your custom design. Beyond this all budgets are welcome, but please understand it’s not always possible to achieve what you want within certain budgets, however I will always do my very best to accommodate and offer you alternative suggestions where possible.

- I will then ask you a heap of clarifying questions, make suggestions, and get into the nitty gritty of the details.

- We will then choose a gemstone, either from my extensive stock or I will reach out to my preferred gem cutters to provide you with options.

- Once a gem is selected, and the details are decided I will provide you with a quote for your piece.

- I will then provide you with a product listing to checkout, and you will complete your purchase (AfterPay + ZipPay Available).

Then the fun begins, the gem gets ordered and I begin making your design. Once finished, I will snap some pretty pictures and send them to you for your final approval, before packing up and into the post to you to treasure for years to come.

My number one goal is to create a bespoke piece that tells the story you want it to and provide you years and years of joy. We can create a talisman of luck, of hope for future, or for honouring love. 

Reach out, there’s no obligation we can just have a chat and see if we can create you something. 

Bespoke / Custom Piece Enquiry

Birthstone Bracelets

Tell your family story through a bespoke birthstone bracelet. Pictured in Sapphire (September), Ruby (July) and Opal (October) with yellow gold.

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Tell your love story through bespoke hand formed wedding bands to celebrate marriage, family and everything in between.

Think Outside the Box

I adore putting my own ‘organic fine jewellery’ spin on non-traditional concepts, like this interpretation of the cult anxiety accessory, fidget spinners. This Fidget Ring concept was so popular its now a permanent collection.



Behind the Bench

Hi, I’m Georgia. All of our jewellery is handmade by me, in QLD, using traditional goldsmithing and lost wax casting techniques and a little bit of magic.

I take inspiration from mythology, fairy gardens, renaissance art, mermaids, the cosmos, and perhaps most of all, mother nature’s rainbow of gemstones. 

I get so much joy bringing my pieces to life, from concept to completed piece, I love it all. I hope my work brings you as much joy as it does me. 

Lots of Love,

Learn more

What We’re About

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is dedication to embracing the slower process. To designing with intention and minimising waste. Its the ability to know the maker and taking the time to appreciate the elements that have spent millions of years forming. 

Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and marketed to encourage purchases to be treasured and eventually recycled, not to follow fleeting trends.

Consciously Made

All of our pieces are made with only solid recycled metals of Australian origin, meaning they can be treasured over and over again in years to come. All metal waste from production is kept, and recycled into new again.

Sustainable, to your door

We consciously designed our packaging to be 100% plastic free, have minimal waste / the waste it does have can be recycled, and importantly it still provides you with the luxury unboxing experience you deserve when purchasing something so meaningful.

All of our pieces come in a linen trinket bag inside a wax sealed box, they are sprinkled with protective crystals and organic flower petals and then delicately wrapped using cardboard and paper and into the post.

Sustainable Metals

All of our jewellery is handcrafted using solid silver and gold of recycled origin.

Free Australian Post

Enjoy free domestic shipping on all purchases over $75 with our signature eco packaging.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Absolutely no animal products, byproducts, tools or practices that hurt our animal friends.


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