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Sappphires: Properties, Meaning & History

My favourite gemstone. Did you know it’s said that the sapphires we have today would have formed 150 to 200 million years ago?
Intense pressure and heat deep down in the earths crust caused the rocks atoms to recombine into corundum (we know as sapphires and rubies). Carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions for us to find millions on years later.
Sapphire Birthstone Bracelet on Woman’s wrist with snake tattoo with green leafy background
While only discovered in Australia for the first time in the 1850’s while panning for gold, sapphires have been popular since the Middle Ages, spanning cultures and continents.  Worn by ancient Greeks for guidance when seeking answers from the oracle. By Buddhists for spiritual enlightenment. Hindus used it during worship. Even early Christian kings cherished sapphire’s powers of protection by using it in their ecclesiastical rings.
Sapphire Engagement Ring sitting on flower bulb with flowers in background
Sapphires are said to bring wisdom to the wearer, stimulating concentration and easing mental tension, allowing creativity to foster and grow. 

White blue sapphires are linked to the throat and third eye chakras, this changes for the different colour variety's, each with their own vibrational strengths and properties. Padparasha sapphires are said to unite creativity, the perfect talisman for creatives and artists alike. Pink Sapphires bring with them wisdom and resilience to its wearer. Black Sapphires help you to connect with your inner knowing, protecting and grounding you. Purples sapphires open the crown chakra which is said to allow you to experience spiritual growth and higher consciousness. Green Sapphires foster compassion and integrity. Colourless or white sapphires bring clarity of mind and open-mindedness while Yellow Sapphires bring prosperity and ambition.
Nine Rosecut Teal and Blue Sapphires On Woman’s middle finger with green leafy background
A hard gemstone (9 hardness on the mohs scale) comprised of corundum. These beautiful stones range in hue from colourless through to blues, greens, pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, and even black. When red however, that's called a Ruby. 

We love working with Sapphires, especially when set in buttery yellow gold. Scattered on this page are some of our Sapphire pieces (click to see more of each item) or you can contact us to see our available sapphires for a custom order.

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