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Strawberry Quartz: Properties, Meaning & History

Splashes of sweet and sour strawberries, cherry red and tinges of green. Peaking through the crystal hinting at the metamorphosis that birthed it.

Strawberry Quartz represents universal love, bringing with it clarity in decision making and in the understanding of our mortal existence and how to solidify your relevance to history.

SQ are linked to the base and heart chakras, increasing receptiveness to love and harmony. A fantastic grounding crystal for bringing the earths energy’s up through your base.

Strawberry Quartz is a calming crystal, helping to bridge new friendships and rejuvenate old. With the base properties of Quartz and the high vibration that comes with it, the added warmth provided by the inclusion of iron oxide and Goethide in its structure brings it to another realm of healing.

Historically speaking Strawberry Quartz doesn’t hold the relevance of garnets or emeralds, not worn by pharaohs or taken as a prize after battle. However it was said to be loved and ruled by  Ceridwen, the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, said to have lived on the shores of Bala Lake in North Wales. As the goddess’s of rebirth and inspiration, Strawberry quartz is said to impart you the powers of Cerridwen.

A semi-hard gemstone (7 hardness on the mohs scale) comprised of silicate. The base stone ranges in hue from clear through to a deep pink, with brilliant strawberry inclusions of Hematite.

We love working with strawberry Quartz, especially when set in warm Rose gold. Below are some of our SQ pieces (click to see more of each item) or you can contact us to see our available SQ for a custom order.


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