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Garnet Stone Meaning, Properties & History

Rich reds and deep purples, splashes of red wine and crushed grapes.

Garnet represents primordial fire, bringing chaos out of love, purifying and intensifying passion and allowing you to transform stagnant feelings into the physical realm.

Gold and garnet pendant atop a crystal

Garnets are linked to the base and crown chakras, allowing movement and purity and increasing sensuality through the Sacral Chakra.

One of the oldest know gemstones, garnets were hugely popular in ancient Egypt, appearing glittering atop crowns & headdresses and even decorating the tombs of Pharaohs. Made popular again in in late 1800’s with the Holbeinesque style of pendants and earrings inspired by the look of the Renaissance period and again in more recent years with alternative engagement rings bringing more alternative gems into the spotlight.

Garnet and Gold prong set necklace on amethyst

A semi-hard gemstone (6.5-7.5 hardness) with numerous species of garnet having different properties but generally all comprised of silicate materials.  Although commonly red, garnets also come in purples, greens, oranges and more. The name Garnet was derived from the Latin name Granatum, meaning  pomegranate. Also known primordially in Ancient Rome as Carbuncles meaning “fire coals”.

We love working with garnets, especially when set in buttery gold. Below are some of our garnet pieces (click to see more of each item) or you can contact us to see our available garnets for a custom order.

Garnet and gold ring atop a bunch of flowers

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