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Moonstone Properties, Meaning & History

Moonlight billowing through the clouds, illuminating the fog with magic.

Moonstone will help you nourish and awaken feminine engergies, bringing passion and healing to guide you. As old as the moon itself, Moonstone will calm you and protect you, while bringing out the love it will help you accept.

Moonstone ring with rose gold thorn prongs

Moonstone is linked to the crown, third eye, and heart chakras.

Hugely popular throughout Ancient Rome and Greece, believed to be solidified rays of moonlight sent from the lunar gods. Made popular again in France in late 1800’s during the Art Nouveau period and again in more recent years with alternative engagement rings bringing more alternative gems into the spotlight.  

A semi-hard gemstone (6-6.5 hardness) composed of Orthoclase and Albite, they can be clear, blue, white, peach or grey. The opalescent shimmer appears when light passes between the fractures of the two minerals.

We love working with moonstones, especially when set in rose gold. Below are some of our moonstone pieces (click to see more of each item) or you can contact us to see our available moonstones for a custom order.

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